Instagram Language, Jargon & Slang - How to master Instagram?

Are you new to Instagram? Or perhaps you're not familiar with Instagram lingo? This is now the language of the internet. And it appears that we will continue to pick up new phrases daily. Let's go over some of the key concepts in Instagram lingo.

This is now the language of the internet. And it appears that we will continue to pick up new phrases daily. Let's go over some of the critical concepts of the Instagram language and familiarize ourselves with the jargon and lingos.


The Instagram Language -

There are various words you would come across on Instagram. Few you must be using yourself. Here's a list of a few words used on Instagram, a.k.a the Instagram language.

  • AR Filter - Augmented reality filters are computer-generated filters that overlay a live video with visuals, virtual, and realistic effects.
  • Boomerang - It is a function that allows you to share brief loop films.
  • Double Tap - When you tap twice on a post, you indicate that you like it.
  • Feed - On the Instagram homepage, you can see the most recent posts and stories from people you followed and suggested accounts.
  • IG Handle | Instagram Handle - The Instagram handle is the moniker given to a user's profile URL on the platform. To put it another way, it's the Instagram handle.
  • Instagram Reels | Reels - IG Reels are 15 to 30-second video clips that you can make on Instagram by adding soundtracks, effects, and different tools.
  • Highlights - You can now pin Instagram stories to your profile that have been deleted after 24 hours. These are referred to as highlights. These tales will be visible to anybody who visits your profile.
  • Tags or tagging - Adding the @ symbol in front of the username is known as tagging. You can add a person to a photo or a video by tagging them.

Popular jargon on Instagram, you must be aware!

We previously explained a few essential words of the Instagram language. 

However, knowing a few Instagram words are not enough. If you don't talk the Instagram talk, you won't be able to connect with your target audience. Marketers are only as good as their ability to communicate. 

Now, let us reshape your social strategy to help you expand your vocabulary with all of the key Instagram phrases you need to know, which will be essential in improving your content to fit more with going trends as per the current requirements.  

Here are a few Instagram terms/jargon to help you become a better Instagrammer:

  1. AMA - AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything" and refers to a question-and-answer format aimed at a subject matter expert in a certain profession.
  2. Clickbait - Clickbait is a link or a post designed to seduce you by using terminology, phrasing, images, or videos that are known to attract attention.
  3. Caption - This is the description of your post. The title of your post. It can have up to 2200 characters, but only the first 240 will be displayed. Emojis, hashtags, symbols, and tags are all examples.
  4. Direct Message (DM) - An Instagram account's inbox is also known as "DM." You'll hear the expression "sliding into your DM," a well-known expression of secretly flirting through this platform.
  5. Engagement - The number of likes and comments received on a post is called engagement.
  6. Engagement Rate (ER) - The number of likes/comments you receive on a post is divided by the number of people that saw it.
  7. Follower Growth - Follower Growth is the increase or decrease in the number of people who follow you.
  8. Geotag - A method of tagging your photos or posts with a place to show your audience where they may locate such attractions.
  9. Ghost Follower - A ghost follower is someone who follows your account but does not engage with it. These aren't useful users because they may be actual people with real profiles, but they don't seem to like or comment on Instagram.
  10. Hashtag - A word or phrase that begins with a hashtag and is used to categorize content/material according to the description. It's a fantastic approach to reach out to a broader audience, searching for comparable material using specific hashtags.
  11. Handle - Your account's username with '@' prefix. Also known as Instagram handle.
  12. Impressions - The number of times your material has been seen is called impressions.
  13. IRL - IRL stands for "In Real Life," a slang term seen in memes.
  14. Likeability - Refers to the number of likes a post receives.
  15. Lurkers - Another name for Ghost Followers. These people often check content of others but don't engage with them.
  16. Meme - A meme is a viral activity, notion, catchphrase, or media piece. Typically, hilarious content is developed that can quickly spread around the internet.
  17. Media Mix - The number of times each media type (video, images) was utilized in a post is referred to as the media mix.
  18. News Feed - The newsfeed is where you'll find a collection of all the postings from the accounts you've chosen to follow. With the most current upgrades, you'll now see advertising and interesting information.
  19. OOTD - It stands for "Outfit Of The Day," and it's a popular hashtag to use when you want to show off an outfit you're pleased with.
  20. Pay Per Click (PPC) - It is a form of advertising that helps drive traffic to a website or store. This is a strategy in which you pay to promote your material to a broader audience.
  21. Reach - The term "reach" refers to the size of a possible audience.
  22. Tag - A word or phrase that identifies someone or something in a post you've shared.
  23. Trending - When a piece of content gains traction through more shares, likes, and comments and becomes a hot topic of debate, it is said to be trending.
  24. Troll - A person who goes around the internet or on social media to elicit unfavorable responses from others.
  25. UGC - UGC stands for "User Generated Content" and refers to the ability to use posts/content made by users to promote a product or company.
  26. Viral - A viral image, video, or piece of media content spreads quickly across the internet.
  27. Virality - The ability of a picture or video to spread quickly - virality.

Understanding Instagram Slangs - Slangs that are frequently used on Instagram

Using acronyms and other appropriate terminologies in hashtags is a terrific method to boost your Instagram content's reach and increase your Likes and followers.

Various slangs are prevalent on Instagram and are also often used in hashtags. Although, at first, using terms like #LMAO, #YOLO, and #F4F can be pretty perplexing. 

It is often confusing, and the new users on Instagram usually feel at a lost foot with this slang. However, when you start using these slangs, you will find that they make sense - especially when you want to convey your message within the text limitations set by the platform.

Learning Instagram slang is a straightforward approach to gaining more followers, and this reference guide can help you understand Instagram slang better.

Following is a list of most commonly used slangs on Instagram, along with their definitions;

  • #F4F - F4F stands for "Follow for Follow," which suggests that if you follow someone, they will follow you back.
  • #FBF - On Fridays, people submit old images using the hashtag #FBF (Flashback Friday), similar to Throwback Thursday.
  • #FF - #FF is often used to tag any Instagram photographs posted on Friday, replacing the hashtag Follow Friday.
  • #Fitfam #Fitfam #Fitfam #Fitf - Fitfam is a platform for Instagram users to be inspired and motivated.
  • #Fitspiration - Most fitspo images demonstrate how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • #Foodporn #Foodporn #Foodpor - Foodporn is a hashtag for pictures of delicious food.
  • #GF - GF stands for "Gang Family" or "Global Family" and is a worldwide network promoting creative photographers.
  • #GOTD (Gram of the Day) - Instagram users use this hashtag to identify their finest images of the day.
  • #HT or H/T? (Hat Tip) - A hat tip is a technique of expressing appreciation for someone's efforts.
  • #Instagram - Instagram is abbreviated as IG.
  • #Igers - Instagrammers, or Igers, are persons who use Instagram.
  • #Instamood - Here's how to bring someone's mood to their attention.
  • #Instapug #Instagram #Instagram #Instagram #In - There are a lot of pugs enthusiasts! Use the hashtag #instapug to keep up with the photos.
  • #Instapup, #Instapup, #Instapup - This hashtag is for pup love, almost too adorable to put into words.
  • #Kik Me is number sixteen - "Kik me" signifies that someone has requested that you connect with them on Kik.
  • #L4L - L4L is similar to F4F in that someone will Like your photo if you Like theirs.
  • #LMAO - Of course, I'm laughing my ass off!
  • #MCM - On the other hand, "Man Crush Monday" is the polar opposite. On Mondays, you post images of your favorite males.
  • #NoFilter #NoFilter #NoFilter #NoFilter - This hashtag is just for photographs taken without the use of Instagram filters.
  • #OOTD - OOTD stands for "Outfit of the Day." On Instagram, show us what you're wearing!
  • #POTD - Photo of the Day (POTD) is an acronym for user submitted photos that they believe are their best.
  • #Petstagram (#Petstagram) (#Petstagram) - When posting a photo of your pet, use this hashtag.
  • #Regram - A regram is a retweet on Instagram, comparable to a retweet on Twitter.
  • #Repost - When you share someone else's content on Instagram, use this hashtag.
  • #S4S - When you encourage people to follow someone in exchange for them requesting their fans to follow you, this is known as a "Shoutout for Shoutout."
  • #SelfieSunday (#SelfieSunday) - More than ten million people have used this hashtag.
  • #SMH - This hashtag, which stands for "shaking my head," is used in various ways.
  • #ThrowbackThursday - "Throwback Thursday" is abbreviated as TBT. Thursdays are the days when Instagram users share old images.
  • #TransformationTuesday - On Tuesdays, the fitness industry uses this famous hashtag to motivate people to transform themselves.
  • #WCW - WCW, or "Woman Crush Wednesday," is an Instagram feature that invites users to share photographs of women they admire.
  • #YOLO - You Only Live Once!

Concluding thoughts -

Using Instagram can be intimidating initially, but with a few helpful Instagram tips and the use of Instagram language, jargon, and slang, you'll be up and running in no time.

Frequency is the key to mastering the social media language and understanding these words is not just a new norm but a necessity for ensuring success for brands and personalities!