Finding Instagram ID from Instagram Username - Everything you need to know about Instagram ID

Often you hear or read about people asking about Instagram ID. There are various tools also available online that claim to find your Instagram ID.

You may think, 'Isn't my Instagram ID the same as my Instagram username?' Well, the answer may surprise you. It also begs the question of whether you should already be aware of your Instagram ID or not.

Read about what an Instagram ID or Instagram user ID is and everything you need to know about it while we debunk some myths related to Instagram ID for you.


What is Instagram ID or Instagram user ID?

An Instagram ID, also known as an Instagram user ID or profile ID, is a unique numeric identifier for an Instagram account that gets generated after a new Instagram account is created.

The whole process of ID creation is automated and handled by Instagram, and although the ID may appear random, it is unique and is designed for a specific Instagram user only.

Is Instagram ID different from Instagram Username?

An Instagram account has a unique username in addition to an individual ID.

However, an Instagram username is like a free zone, which means you can change your username as much as you like, subject to availability.

On the other hand, an Instagram ID cannot be changed, although a username may.

How can I create Instagram user ID?

You cannot create an Instagram user ID as such. Instagram ID is a unique numeric ID automatically created and assigned by Instagram once a new user makes an Instagram account.

No separate process needs to be followed to create an Instagram ID since all Instagram IDs are autogenerated.

Therefore, the Instagram user ID will also not be made unless an Instagram account is created. Instagram user ID is inheritedly linked to your Instagram account and is assigned automatically whenever a new account is made on Instagram.

How do I find my Instagram user ID?

You can find your Instagram user ID by going through the below steps;

  1. Go to or open Instagram App and login into your account.
  2. Open your Instagram profile page by clicking/tapping on your display picture in a circle.
  3. Go to the address bar in your browser window and copy the Instagram URL.
  4. In case of the Instagram App, copy your username / Instagram handle displayed on top above 'posts,' 'followers,' and 'following' numbers.
  5. Open, enter the copied link/username or Instagram handle, and submit. Your Instagram user ID will be promptly displayed.

How to find my Instagram user ID on Instagram App?

The easiest way to find your Instagram user ID on Instagram App is through your Instagram Handle. You can follow the below steps, to find your Instagram Handle;

  1. Open Instagram App and enter your username/password if you are not already logged in.
  2. Upon opening the app, tap on the round icon at the bottom right of the app, which will have your display picture.
  3. Your Instagram profile page will open. Copy the name mentioned in the top left section. This is your Instagram username.
  4. Go to and enter '@' sign, followed by the copied Instagram username.
  5. Press enter or click "Find Instagram ID" button, and your Instagram user ID will be displayed.

What is an example of an Instagram user ID?

As you know by now that Instagram ID or Instagram user ID is a numeric ID, created and assigned automatically by Instagram to all its users.

A user ID is often used to identify a user to differentiate one Instagram user from another and is generally a string of random numbers like, for example, '01456132151532'.

Instagram IDs are generated when a user creates a new Instagram account and the IDs thus created are embedded with that particular user's identity on Instagram.

Since the process of Instagram ID creation is automated and based on an algorithm, Instagram IDs are unique and can consist of digits arranged arbitrarily.

The critical thing to note here is that Instagram IDs are static and will not change on their own unless a user creates another Instagram account, in which case, another unique ID will be generated.

What are the uses of Instagram user ID?

There could be variety of uses for Instagram user ID. The primary use of Instagram user ID is to identify an Instagram user from the vast pool of other Instagram users.

However, using Instagram user ID is not just limited to identifying an Instagram user.

This numeric ID can also be used to call and display Instagram-related data of the user, such as their Instagram feed, user information, follower count, following count, Instagram posts and hashtags, etc.

The Instagram user ID is often used by a few third-party apps, social plugins, and extensions to display the Instagram feed on any webpage or app.

What can I do with my Instagram ID?

Since Instagram ID is so unique that it works as an identifier of an Instagram user, it is not visible openly, to prevent misuse by others.

You must first find your Instagram ID and once retrieved, there are many things you can do with Instagram ID, such as;

  • Find username, follows/following count, and other profile details of the Instagram user.
  • Get data from Instagram about an Instagram user's posts, Instagram Tags, Instagram Reels, etc., of an Instagram user.
  • Embed Instagram feed on own websites and apps, using third-party tools.

There are many others that you can do. Check out this website to learn about various Instagram tools and their use.

Can I change or alter my Instagram ID?

Instagram ID or Instagram user ID is autogenerated numeric ID, which remains fixed for every Instagram account and cannot be altered.

If you want to change Instagram username, which is also your Instagram handle, you can do so easily, by following below steps;

  1. Open or Instagram App and login into your account.
  2. Click / tap on your display picture to open your Instagram profile page.
  3. Click / tap on ‘Settings’ button, displayed as a gear wheel. (On the website, it’ll be next to your username and on App, you can access it by tapping on menu button depicted by three vertical lines, on top-right corner of the page. Settings will then be displayed at the bottom).
  4. Once Settings page is opened, you can change you Instagram username / handle by simply replacing your old username / handle with a new one and saving the information by clicking on ‘Submit’ button.

Remember, there is a difference between your username and your display name and both can be changed using the above process.

What you cannot change is your email address or mobile number associated with your Instagram account.

I lost my Instagram ID. How do I recover my Instagram ID?

You cannot lose your Instagram ID since Instagram IDs or Insta IDs are autogenerated and assigned by Instagram to all its users.

Instagram ID is not visible openly to users and hence cannot be lost or recovered unless you have lost access to your Instagram account.

However, you can find your Instagram ID using external tools like this website.

You can submit your Instagram URL or Instagram username/handle on to reveal your Instagram ID.

If you have lost your Instagram Username or Login ID, you recover the same using forgot password link on

You can enter your Email address or Phone number to recover your Instagram account if you don't remember your Instagram username.