Guide to using Instagram on Business Cards - How to display Instagram handle?

Using your Instagram handle on your business cards is a great way to stand out.

Businesses that want to stay on top in the digital age need to use social media marketing. Every day, people spend hours on social networking sites, whether it's to keep up with friends, update a status, or follow their favorite trends. 

Sharing your social media profiles on your business cards (and other business stationery) is a terrific method to raise brand awareness and recognition and allow potential customers to learn more about your company and bond with it.

In this post, we'll discuss what Instagram information (or any other social media information for that matter!) should be displayed on your business cards and which format is best for your business.


Should my business card include my Instagram handle?

While social media was initially used to keep in touch with friends and family, it is now also used to network. So much so that many professionals put their social media accounts on their business cards.

Is this, however, the best solution for you or your company? Consider these points/advantages-

  • Building your brand and your network frequently go hand in hand. It strengthens and broadens your network. Prospects are more likely to find and engage with you if you include your Instagram handle on your business card.
  • It gives the name a face. Including your Instagram handle allows potential customers to learn more about you than just the basics. Gaining trust and credibility requires an online presence as well.
  • It adds a new communication channel to the mix. Including social media information on your business card shows you're willing to communicate in various ways and circumstances.
  • Of course, there is risk of cramming too much information onto a business card, which is why it's important to determine if it's a network you use frequently.

What components of Instagram can be displayed on a business card?

Including an Instagram (or any other social media site) icon and handle on your business cards is a terrific way to get prospects and leads to visit your social media profiles, which can help you earn income.

When it comes to usability, Instagram offers a variety of features that can be combined to show the desired message. The Instagram logo, your handle, username, URL, profile name, and a nametag are examples.

The many components that Instagram offer, which you can use in your business card design, are listed below; 

The Instagram components meant for a Business Card!

  • The logo of Instagram (icon)

    The Instagram logo is an instantly recognized piece when paired with other social media information. If you see this graphic emblem, people will know where to find you online. A username, handle, URL, or profile name are often included in popular business card designs.

  • Instagram Handle

    A handle on a social media platform refers to the public name you use. This is a @ sign followed by your username on Instagram. Your clients can find and follow your account if you include an Instagram handle on your business card.

  • Instagram Username

    Your username is the name with which you log in to your account. Your Instagram username is your handle without the @ symbol and also displays at the end of your URL. You can follow Instagram using your username rather than your handle if you include an Instagram logo on your business card.

  • Instagram Profile URL

    Although Instagram is primarily a mobile social media network, it can also be accessed via a web browser. In this case, would be the URL.

  • Instagram Profile Name

    Your Instagram display name is the same as your profile name, which can be used to find you. This could be your first and last name or the name of your company, and it will be visible on your public profile.

  • Instagram NameTags

    The nametag is a QR-code-like social media tool. When someone scans an image with their smartphone camera, it automatically directs them to your website, allowing them to follow you. It's another fantastic feature you can use to market your company visually.

What is the best way to present Instagram information on a Business Card?

After going through multiple Business Cards that offer social media information, we discovered the following popularity results for how businesses chose to display Instagram information on business cards:

While Instagram data can be presented in a variety of ways, the majority of it can be categorized into four groups:

  1. @handle - Use your Instagram handle as it is on your business card. For example, if your Instagram account is @ABC, you will put it on your business card similarly.

    One of the most common ways to include Instagram information on a business card is to use the @handle hashtag. 

    The simplicity and minimalism of this alternative are a bonus. An @handle is a proven method to post a social networking link. 

    On the other hand, you can't assume that everyone who sees a business card is tech-savvy and is aware that the handle is linked to Instagram since @handle is also used by others, such as Twitter.

  2. Icon + username - Use the Instagram icon followed by the Instagram username. It is the second most common method used to display Instagram details.

    This works for those who recognize the icon representing Instagram and the text as the Instagram handle.

    The downside is that if you use an icon for Instagram, you'll have to use one for all other social networking sites to keep the design similar.

    Instagram: @handle (Instagram: @ABC) - This is a more descriptive approach, wherein you are mentioning the displayed handle is an Instagram handle. 

    Mentioning Instagram first, then the Instagram handle, makes it evident that the specified handle, '@ABC,' is an Instagram handle and should not be mistaken with other social media accounts.

  3. URL: - Using an Instagram URL in a business card is a traditional way that works well for folks who prefer to type the entire URL.

    The advantage of using a URL is that it directs visitors to your profile without them having to search by name.

    The space allocated on your business card is a vital issue when employing the URL. 

    The URL will not work if miswritten, and you might run out of room if you include the complete URL instead of simply your username.

  4. Instagram Nametags - Over the last few years, the Instagram nametag has been increasingly popular. Using a nametag has the advantage of being the easiest way to direct people to your Instagram profile. 

    Anyone with an Instagram account can begin following you with only one scan. 

    The disadvantage is that it can only be used with the Instagram camera from the app. Thus it won't work for anyone without an account.

Some additional suggestions that can be useful, when deciding on the Business Card, with reference to the above points;

  • Use a color scheme from Instagram for the handle to suggest it is an Instagram handle.
  • Look for design patterns that match your company's identity.
  • Make the real handle stand out by using distinct fonts.
  • You can employ a URL shortener service, like or, if you have a long username.
  • Include instructions on using nametag, if possible.

Use Your Business Cards to Make a Social Impact

Today, Instagram usernames with several variations of the word "Instagram" are also used. The abbreviation "INSTA" is used just like this one. This design makes it easy to spot the use of an Instagram username because there are no other social profiles to compete with.

Sometimes a simple "I" is put, which is the truncated version of the Instagram name. Because the same one-letter abbreviation appears throughout the card, it is simple and consistent. It's also a clever technique to fit an Instagram handle onto a vertical business card while conserving space.

Few take a step forward and try to implement all the elements of Instagram on a business card that looks like a personal profile page.

However, for an elegant design, a simple @handle arrangement is ideal. A business card's beauty might be harmed by having too many icons or too much information.

Using the Instagram name next to the profile handle for quick reference is equally good, which keeps the information simple.

Some companies deliberately get their Business Cards designed using the same username for all contact information, such as email, Instagram, and a website address. 

If all your social media handles are the same, keep your business card design simple - remember, less is sometimes more.

Some business cards with nametag also contain instructions for scanning the nametag code, which may be helpful for some potential consumers unfamiliar with Instagram nametags.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to showing Instagram on your business card, so consider all of your alternatives before settling on the best option for your company. A critical step in getting your design print-ready is choosing the proper paper type and business card size.

If you own a business, business cards can not only help you market your brand, but they can also help you generate a lot of revenue.

One of the most important things to remember when deciding what to put on your business card is that if you don't include your social media handles, you could be missing out on a potential source of additional traffic and visibility.