Find Instagram ID

To find Instagram ID or Instagram User ID, enter the Instagram Profile URL or Instagram Handle in the box below:

What is Insta ID or Instagram Numeric ID?

Insta ID or Instagram Numeric ID, also Instagram User ID is a unique numeric ID assigned to every Instagram user.

Instagram ID acts as a unique identifier, used by Instagram to identify an Instagram user and their account, among other users and their accounts.

Instagram ID or Instagram user ID is often required when you want to get user data from Instagram and display the same, in form of Instagram feeds, by using third-party applications.

How to find my Instagram Numeric ID?

You can find your Instagram Numeric ID, by following below steps;

  1. Go to and login into your account. Upon successfully login, by default your Instagram feed will be displayed.
  2. Go to the round icon, carrying your display photo, located on the top right section and click it, to open a drop down menu.
  3. From the menu options, click on 'Profile' to load your Instagram profile page.
  4. Go to your browser window and copy the Instagram URL from the address bar.
  5. Open and paste the Instagram URL.
  6. Click on "Find Instagram ID" and your Instagram user ID will be displayed.

What is Instagram URL? How is it different from Instagram Handle?

Universal Resource Locator or URL is a reference (like an address) to a resource on the Internet.

Instagram URL, therefore, refers to a URL pointing to some content on Instagram.

However, regarding the scope of this website, Instagram URL is the Instagram profile link of your account. Your Instagram URL is thus your default Instagram profile address, and it is the address of your Instagram profile on Instagram, using which anybody can locate your Instagram profile on the Internet.

When you create a new profile on Instagram, your Instagram profile address is also automatically generated.

It can be used to share your profile address or to gather Instagram-related data such as user ID, followers, following details, Instagram feeds, etc., from your account.

At other times, an Instagram URL may also refer to the URL of an Instagram post. Instagram post URL is often required when you want to embed Instagram content on your website.

Click here to learn more about embedding Instagram post data on your website.

Your Instagram profile address generally consists of the default URL of Instagram, followed by your Instagram username.

Instagram Handle is nothing more than your Instagram username, with the '@' sign as a prefix to it. It is often widely used to tag Instagram users or initiate a conversation.

Both Instagram URL and Instagram Handle can be used to find your Instagram user ID on

What are some examples of Instagram URL / Instagram Handle?

Following are few examples of Instagram URL / Instagram Handle;

Instagram URL -


Following are few examples of what Instagram Handle looks like;

Instagram Handle -

  • @Peter
  • @Peter123
  • @PeterParker

How to find my Instagram profile's URL?

You can find your Instagram profile's URL by following below steps;

  1. Open and login into your account.
  2. Once signed in, your profile page will open (which will shows your posts, followers and following count).
  3. Go to your browser’s address bar and inspect the URL, which should look like for example, where ‘xyz’ will be your username.
  4. Copy this URL, which is actually your Instagram URL.

You now have your Instagram profile's URL.

How do I find my Instagram URL, using mobile phone?

Finding your Instagram URL is also easy, when using your mobile phone.

Either you are using the Instagram website or Instagram App on your mobile phone, the URL of your Instagram profile will be like where ‘name’ is actually your username, as displayed on your Instagram profile.

Since in the web URL, Instagram username is visible, it is easy to identify your Instagram URL.

Alternatively, you can also just use your Instagram username, also known as Instagram handle, for any purpose such as finding your Instagram ID on

You can find your Instagram username on top left section of the Instagram App (beside downward arrow button!).

How to copy an Instagram URL on a mobile device?

You can copy Instagram URL on mobile, through the following steps;

  1. Open Instagram App and search for the user, whose Instagram URL you want to find.
  2. When the desired person has been found, tap on the name to open his / her Instagram profile.
  3. Go to top-right corner of the App and click on the menu, depicted by three vertical lines, to open the menu.
  4. From the menu options, displayed at the bottom of the App, tap on ‘Copy Profile URL’ and the Instagram URL will be copied.

You now have the Instagram URL, which you can share or use to derive further information, as the case may be.